My name is Jared Sheldon, I am the owner, filmmaker, marketer, accountant, and assistant to the regional manager for JS Visuals. The list goes on but let's just say I love 'The Office" and I have many hats for this business! When I am not filming weddings you can find me watching soccer, sipping on a good cup of coffee, rock climbing, hiking, traveling, and shooting 35mm film.

When you choose JS Visuals to film your wedding, you're not only getting a killer wedding film but you're getting me! What makes me unique is that I am young with great zeal, and I film weddings by myself! I film your wedding so that you can relive it forever by capturing priceless memories, spontaneous moments, and loads of joy! My goal is to not only capture unique aspects of your day but also to make sure that your time working with me is amazing from start to finish. My passion for weddings is driven by the joy that I receive when watching couples come together to celebrate God's gift of marriage! By filming weddings, I get to capture the beginning of the abundant life of couples just like you! ​

I have more information below about my approach to wedding films and more details about my process! Hopefully, we can make something great together!

- jared sheldon 

I film fifteen weddings a year!

I do this because I believe in EXCELLENCE! I want to invest the time and energy that YOU deserve! This is only possible by limiting the number of couples I take each year! 

frequently asked questions

what is a wedding agreement?
The wedding agreement simply has all the information about your package, payment, legal information, and details about my services so that everyone is on the same page!
 how does payment work?
The initial deposit is non-refundable and paid after the wedding agreement is signed, it is 30% of the total package. Two months before the wedding, an additional 30% will be requested. Finally, the remaining balance (40%) will be asked for two weeks before the wedding.

what does the deposit do?
The deposit holds the wedding date. I can not book anyone else for the day of your wedding. Therefore the first deposit is non-refundable! It is a commitment between you and me. As soon as the agreement is signed and the deposit is in you're in the books!

does your price include travel cost?
Yes! I cover all of Brevard and Orange County. If your wedding is somewhere else send me an email so we can talk details!

what do you need before the wedding?
A copy of the agenda for the day, your wedding planner should have this if you don't. This helps me plan the day to capture as much as possible! Phone numbers and addresses are also a must!

what if I lose my wedding film?
Once I send the link to the videos I can’t guarantee that after I will be able to send it to you! So consider purchasing the custom wooden USB (physical delivery)!

my approach 

My approach to filming your wedding is to make the entire process from start to finish as easy as possible! Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and the last thing I want to do is make it even harder! I like to provide as much information possible to my couples so that by the time we meet, you know exactly what to expect from me! 

1. consultation

After you fill out the booking form, then comes the consultation! Most consultations are boring and drawn out. I like to keep mine fun and simply. I offer three options for my consultations: FaceTime, Coffee, or Ice Cream! If your schedule or location doesn't allow us to meet up in person then that is totally fine. We can chat through FaceTime. If you know a really good ice cream shop or coffee shop we can meet there. It all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you! I would just like to get to know you as a couple and discuss the wedding day. This consultation shouldn't be longer than 40 minutes unless you want to chat more! 

2. agreement and payment

After the consultation, if your date is available we begin the process to lock in your date. To lock in your date on my calendar you must: sign the agreement and pay the non-refundable deposit.  I send all my couples an agreement to digitally sign. The wedding agreement simply has all the information about your package, payment, legal information, and details about my services so that everyone is on the same page! For payments, I break it up into three payments: The first deposit is non-refundable and paid after the wedding agreement is signed, it is 30% of the total package. Two months before the wedding, an additional 30% will be requested. Finally, the remaining balance (40%) will be asked for two weeks before the wedding. This way you do not have to worry about paying a large amount of money all at once! I accept Venmo, Cash App, Cash, and Check. 

3. filming

Being a solo videographer  has many strengths the only downside is that I can't be everywhere at once. I would love to capture everything but sometimes shorter wedding agendas don't allow for that. To make sure close to everything gets captured we can either add more time into your agenda to capture more of the day. Or discuss what takes priority if you can't modify or add more time to the agenda. For this is a reason, I like to have a copy of the agenda when the wedding agreement is signed. Even if its a draft because I want to make sure I can capture as much as possible! I also love filming weddings from bridal party prep all the way to the grand exit. If your timeline will be more than my included hours of coverage, consider booking me for additional hours. As far as filming on the day of the wedding I like to keep my setup very minimal so that I can move quickly to capture anything. Moments happen fast, and I wouldn't want to miss something because I have to transport a bunch of gear. I have 2 cameras to make sure as much is captured as possible. One camera never leaves my side and then my second camera is usually set up on a tripod for special moments like the first look, the ceremony, and toasts. 

4. wedding day

Something that is unique to my films is audio! I love to incorporate letter readings, vows, prayers, and the officiant's message into my films. I use a variety of audio recorders on the day of the wedding but most of the time I use a lavalier microphone. I place this mic on the groom and the officiant to capture ceremony audio. If you or your fiance are reading a letter or praying I will most likely pull you aside and place a mic on you to capture those heartfelt words! For the reception, I capture first dances, toasts, and your aunt doing the cupid shuffle! When its meal time I would love to eat! Wedding days are typically pretty long for me so  I would love to be accounted for at the reception. I don't need to have a place to sit at a table, just a plate! I usually hop in line just after the bridal party if it is buffet style. After the wedding day is over I start to edit your wedding film. The final video/s is received within 5 weeks from the wedding day. After the video is done I send you a link to watch the video on YouTube as well as a link to download the video. Hopefully, that gave you an inside look into my approach for the wedding day!

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